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    Nondisclosure and Noncircumvention Agreement to Protect Investor Information


    Venture capitalists can protect valuable investor information with this Nondisclosure and Noncircumvention Agreement.

    • The venture capitalist (the VC) has agreed to provide a client with information about potential investors with whom the VC has established business relationships and who may be interested in funding the client's venture.
    • The purpose of the Agreement is to protect the VC's fees for any future transactions negotiated between the client and any of those potential investors.
    • The client agrees not to consummate any transactions with a potential investor unless the client reasonably compensates the VC for supplying the contact information.
    • The client also agrees to keep all investor information strictly confidential.
    • This is a generic legal document that does not contain any country-specific provisions.

    If you lose your leads, you lose your edge. Keep your information secure. Get a signature on the Non-disclosure and Non-circumvention Agreement first.

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    Last Updated: 27-September-2017
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