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    Snow Removal Contract Form


    Set up your own snow removal business this winter and sign up customers with this customizable Snow Removal Service Contract.

    • The contract template can be used for both commercial and residential customers.
    • The contractor will provide snow removal and plowing services as required during the winter months.
    • The customer will be charged a fee for each snow removal, based on the size and number of areas, and the type of snow removal service provided (plowing, snow blowing, salting, sanding, etc.).
    • The customer is responsible for removing vehicles, outdoor furniture, and other items from the areas in which the contractor will be working. The contractor is not liable for damage to any items not removed.
    • The contractor will maintain comprehensive general liability insurance at all times during the term of the contract.
    • The contractor will not be liable for damage to landscaping, fencing, fixtures or other items which are hidden by snow accumulation, or any damage from snow removal equipment coming into contact with pavement or other surfaces.
    • The contractor's employees will not be allowed to work in severe weather or exceedingly low temperatures.
    • Don't let winter get you down. Download the Snow Removal Service Contract form and start making money as soon as the snow hits the ground.
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    Last Updated: 11-March-2024
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    Nevada Rental Property Management Agreement


    NV property managers, prepare a contract for your services with this Nevada Rental Property Management Agreement.

    • The property manager is retained on an exclusive basis to rent, lease and manage the rental property.
    • The manager will be paid a percentage of the monthly rental amount for managing the property. If the manager undertakes additional work outside the scope of its duties, additional fees will be payable.
    • The owner authorizes the property manager to collect rents, sign leases, issue late payment notices, undertake eviction proceedings, purchase supplies, make repairs, and pay all recurring bills on the property.
    • The owner indemnifies the property manager against claims arising from the management services, including claims resulting from the owner's failure to make full disclosure about the property.
    • The property manager will submit a Form 1099 to the IRS each year for the income derived from the property.
    • The owner is responsible for carrying all required insurance on the property (including public liability).
    This Nevada Rental Property Management Agreement is downloadable and can be easily customized to fit your business needs.