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    UK Rent Statement for Weekly Tenant / Sharer


    If your tenant or sharer pays rent on a weekly basis, you must provide him or her with a rent statement. Use this revisable template to prepare the required weekly rent statement.

    • The Rent Statement sets out the dates on which rent is due and when it is paid, the amounts due and paid, any cumulative arrears, and all pertinent information about the tenancy.
    • It also includes a summary of Part X of the Housing Act 1985, and the notice requirements for assured tenancy or assured agricultural occupancy under the Housing Act 1988.
    • You can use the digital template as often as necessary, and make changes to the information contained in the form as and when required.

    Fulfill your obligations to your weekly tenant / sharer - download the UK Weekly Rent Statement now.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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