ACT Shared Tenancy Agreement


Do you share a house or flat with a roommate? Be sure that everyone understands their obligations with this Shared Tenancy Agreement for Australian Capital Territory.

  • This agreement is also known as a Roommate Agreement. It is NOT a rental contract or tenancy agreement between a landlord and tenant, but rather it is an agreement between roommates who share a tenancy.
  • The agreement sets out:
    • how shared household expenses will be divided among the tenants, including rent, bond, long distance charges on a land line (if any), wifi, groceries, etc.,
    • what will happen if one of the roommates decides to move out,
    • responsibility for damage and repairs,
    • what happens if a roommate defaults in performing their obligations,
    • disposal of any abandoned property left behind when a roommate moves out,
    • a sample set of house rules.
  • This Shared Tenancy Agreement is intended for use only in the Territory.
  • The document template is fully editable and can be easily customised to fit your unique situation.
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Last Updated: 22-Mar-2018