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    Alaska Seller Property Disclosure Statement


    Alaska law requires the seller of a real estate property to make full disclosure of the property's condition by providing a potential buyer with a completed Residential Real Property Transfer Disclosure Statement.

    • The Disclosure Statement must be completed by the seller in order to comply with Alaska Statute (AS) 34.70.010 - 34.70.200.
    • The seller must disclose all known defects, health and safety risks, and other conditions in the property.
    • After receiving the report, the buyer has 3 - 6 days (depending on the method of delivery of the report) to terminate the offer based on the information contained in the Disclosure Statement.
    • Residential Real Property includes single family dwellings, two single-family dwelling units under the same roof, or any individual unit in a multi-unit structure or common interest ownership housing community.
    • Failure to disclose as required by the law could result in the seller being liable for damages, costs and attorney fees.
    • This disclosure form is available as a free PDF download. Click the link provided to download your copy.
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    Last Updated: 26-September-2019