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    Alberta Joint Operating Agreement


    Enter into a Joint Operating Agreement to govern operation and maintenance of Alberta oil and gas properties with this customizable template.

    • The parties collectively own 100% interest in the subject lands and want to provide for the operation and maintenance of the title documents and the joint lands.
    • All benefits, revenues, costs and expenses will be apportioned among the parties according to their respective interests.
    • Provisions for selection of leases earned by drilling of prior lease earning wells, including method of selection if the parties cannot agree.
    • The operator is responsible for making timely application for royalty holidays or abatements on behalf of the parties.
    • The operator is given the authority to make GST elections on behalf of the parties.
    • This Joint Operating Agreement is a downloadable and fully editable legal document that is intended for use in the Province of Alberta, Canada.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 25-July-2021
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