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    Alberta Quit Claim Deed


    File a Quit Claim Deed on title to land situated in Alberta with this downloadable easy-to-use template.

    • The party transferring the land (the Grantor) transfers its entire interest in the land to the recipient (the Grantee).
    • The Grantor agrees to quit claim (give up any claim) against the land.
    • The document includes the affidavits required to register the deed at the Alberta Land Titles Office.
    • This Alberta Quit Claim Deed is available in MS Word format.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 02-February-2021
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    Alberta Standard Charge Fixed Rate Mortgage


    Secure a loan with real estate under the terms of this Standard Charge Fixed Rate Closed Term Mortgage for Alberta.

    • Renewal. Early renewal privileges, i.e. the mortgage may be renewed on any installment payment date.
    • Interest. Interest will be calculated half-yearly, not in advance.
    • Property Taxes. The mortgage lender may elect to pay the property taxes when they come due, or elect to have the borrower (mortgagor) pay the taxes.
    • Application of Payments. All payments will be applied first to taxes and life insurance (if applicable), then to interest, then to principal, and then to any other moneys owing.
    • Leasehold. Optional provisions for a leasehold mortgage.

    Never lend large sums of money without adequate security. Download this Alberta fixed rate mortgage form immediately after you purchase it.

    Alberta Dower Act Forms


    When selling real estate in Alberta, you must provide Dower Act Forms with your transfer documents. This package contains:

    1. a Dower Affidavit,
    2. Consent of Spouse and Certificate of Acknowledgement by Spouse, and
    3. Affidavit of Executor or Administrator.
    These forms must be attached to any instrument (such as a transfer of land) disposing of a principal residence in order to fulfill the requirements of the Dower Act with respect to spousal consent to the disposition of the matrimonial homestead.

    Alberta Dower Act Requirements Forms, provided as a free download by Alberta Land Titles.

    Alberta Transfer of Land


    When selling real estate in Alberta, you must convey the title to the new owner by registering this Transfer of Land form with an Alberta Registry Office.

    • The form must be completed and signed where indicated by the seller and the buyer, and submitted for filing with the appropriate fees.
    • The form includes an Affidavit of Execution, Dower Act requirements, and Affidavit of Value.
    • This form is in MS Word format and can be completed either by hand or on a computer.

    Land Titles Form 8 Transfer of Land is a free MS Word download from the Province of Alberta. Updated 02/08.

    Alberta Purchaser's Caveat


    File a caveat to protect your interest under a purchase agreement for Alberta land with this free Form 26.

    • As the purchaser of a property, you have an interest in the property and can file a caveat under the Alberta Land Titles Act.
    • The form includes the required Form 27 Affidavit in support.
    • This template includes the appropriate wording for registering a purchaser's interest pursuant to a purchase agreement between the caveator and the owner of the property.

    Alberta Purchaser's Caveat, Land Titles Form 26 available in MS Word format.