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    Alberta Quit Claim Deed


    File a Quit Claim Deed on title to land situated in Alberta with this downloadable easy-to-use template.

    • The party transferring the land (the Grantor) transfers its entire interest in the land to the recipient (the Grantee).
    • The Grantor agrees to quit claim (give up any claim) against the land.
    • The document includes the affidavits required to register the deed at the Alberta Land Titles Office.
    • Available in MS Word format.
    • Intended to be used only in the Province of Alberta, Canada.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 24-July-2023
    SKU: 3039
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    Alberta Standard Charge Fixed Rate Mortgage


    Secure a loan with real estate under the terms of this Standard Charge Fixed Rate Closed Term Mortgage for Alberta.

    • Renewal. Early renewal privileges, i.e. the mortgage may be renewed on any installment payment date.
    • Interest. Interest will be calculated half-yearly, not in advance.
    • Property Taxes. The mortgage lender may elect to pay the property taxes when they come due, or elect to have the borrower (mortgagor) pay the taxes.
    • Application of Payments. All payments will be applied first to taxes and life insurance (if applicable), then to interest, then to principal, and then to any other moneys owing.
    • Leasehold. Optional provisions for a leasehold mortgage.

    Never lend large sums of money without adequate security. Download this Alberta fixed rate mortgage form immediately after you purchase it.