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    Alberta Subscriber Forms Package for REIT Units


    Prepare the necessary forms to be completed by an investor in a real estate investment trust under an offering memorandum with this Subscriber Package for Trust Units to raise capital for a real estate development.

    The investment is a private placement of trust units in a mutual fund (unit) trust to raise capital for a real estate development. The trust acts as the investment vehicle allowing the investors to pool their investment funds in long-term capital real estate and related projects.

    The Subscriber Package contains the following forms:

    1. Private Placement Subscription Agreement.
    2. Instructions to the investor, including a list of all documents required to be submitted, depending on the investor's province of residence and the amount of the investment.
    3. Worksheet for Determination of Net Worth (Accredited Investor and Eligible Investor Exemptions).
    4. Representation Letter (for Accredited Investors resident in Canada).
    5. Representation Letter (for non-Canadian and non-US investors).
    6. Close Personal Friend / Close Business Associate Questionnaire (for Canadian residents).
    7. Risk Acknowledgement.
    8. Eligible Investor Status Certificate.
    9. Risk Acknowledgement under Blanket Order 31-505.
    10. Subscriber Acknowledgement and Consent.
    11. Distribution Reinvestment Plan, by which an investor can opt to reinvest all or part of any distribution proceeds.

    The Subscriber Package for REIT Units (Alberta) forms are downloadable as a single file. All fully editable to meet your needs. Updated 2011.

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    Last Updated: 03-June-2021
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