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    British Columbia Parking Stall Lease


    Rent parking spots to the public with this British Columbia Parking Stall Lease Agreement template.

    • This parking lease can be used in connection with a residential tenancy to lease parking to a tenant, or it can be used separately for rental of a stall in a parkade or parking lot.
    • The parking lot owner is not responsible for loss or theft of any items left in the vehicle.
    • The parking space can only be used for parking the vehicle. The renter cannot store the vehicle in the parking space or perform any vehicle maintenance or repairs.
    • The parking facility has the right to tow the vehicle if it is improperly parked, or if an unauthorized vehicle is parked in the space.
    • Speeding in the parking facility is prohibited.
    • This is an easy-to-use, fully customizable MS Word template.
    • Intended for use only in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-July-2021
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    Parking Lot Lease Agreement


    Rent all or part of a parking lot to a business tenant for the use of its customers with this Parking Lot Lease Agreement.

    • Renewal. The lessee has the option to renew the lease after the initial term.
    • Repairs and Maintenance. The lessee must pay its proportionate share of parking lot maintenance and repair costs, including landscaping, sidewalks, asphalt, etc.
    • Snow Removal. The lessee is responsible for snow and ice removal from its portion of the parking lot.
    • Indemnification. The lessee indemnifies the lessor against any loss, damage or liability arising from any default, or tortious or negligent act on the part of the lessee.

    Parking is essential for your tenant's business. Get this Parking Lot Lease Agreement template now.

    California Resident Manager Agreement


    Hire a tenant to act as resident manager of your rental building with this California Resident Manager Agreement.

    • Under California Code of Regulations Title 25, Article 5, Section 42, any building with 16 or more units is required to have a resident manager.
    • The resident manager will be paid a salary, a portion of which will be paid by reduced rent on a rental unit to be occupied by the manager as a condition of employment.
    • The resident manager's duties can be as broad or as narrow as the building owner requires. Typically the manager would collect the rent, issue receipts, serve 3-day, 30-day and 60-day notices, provide cleaning and maintenance services, and show empty units to prospective tenants.
    • The manager's unit will be subject to the same rental increases as the other rental units.
    • The resident manager's right to occupy the unit will terminate when the employment ends. The contract template includes an optional provision for the manager to stay on as a tenant, at the option of the landlord.
    The California Resident Manager Agreement is a downloadable legal form which is customizable and reusable.