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    California Smoke-Free Lease Addendum


    Create a smoke-free rental premises under this Addendum to Lease / Tenancy Agreement under California laws.

    • The purpose of the Lease Addendum is to address health and safety concerns with respect to second-hand smoke, increased fire risk, as well as increased maintenance and repair costs.
    • The Lease Addendum prohibits smoking and vaping of all materials, including medical marijuana within the premises and the rental building, but allows for consumption of medical cannabis by way of vaporizer, edibles or other non-combustible forms.
    • Due to the fact that marijuana is still classified as an illegal Schedule 1 drug under federal law, the Addendum specifically prohibits the use, possession or growing of medical and recreational marijuana regardless of its legal status in the State of California.
    • There is a grandfathering clause exempting existing tenants but only with respect to tobacco products, which must be smoked only within their own rental units.
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    Last Updated: 24-October-2021
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