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    ISP Privacy Policy Statement | Canada


    Canadian ISPs can tailor this template Privacy Policy Statement for their websites where it can be easily accessed by customers.

    • The policy sets out:
      • what types of personal information are covered by the policy, and what sort of data is not included,
      • how personal information is collected and used,
      • when express consent is required and when implied consent is assumed,
      • how and when personal information will be disclosed,
      • how personal information is stored, retained and destroyed.
    • Intended for use in Canada but easily edited for use elsewhere.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 12-October-2021
    SKU: 2971
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    ISP Service Level Agreement (SLA)


    Internet service providers, prepare SLAs for your customers with this easy-to-use ISP Service Level Agreement template.

    • The service provider agrees to pay the customer a contractual credit if it fails to meet certain service quality levels which it has set for itself.
    • The service levels are voluntary obligations set by the internet service provider for itself, and do not constitute a pledge or guarantee of services.
    • To qualify, the customer must be registered as a current subscriber to the provider's services.
    • This is a generic form (not country specific) which can be used anywhere.
    This ISP Service Level Agreement (SLA) template is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your exact circumstances.