Canada Road Use Access Agreement


Grant an oil company or other party the right to cross your land with this Access Agreement for Roadway Use for Canadian land owners.

  • This type of Agreement is often used by oil and gas companies to obtain vehicular access to their wells over roads located on farm land which is not owned by the oil company.
  • The party being granted access (the Grantee) agrees to comply with all load limits and other restrictions, and to repair any damage to the road caused by its vehicles and equipment using the road.
  • The Grantee will indemnify the land owner against any claims or losses.
  • The Grantee must also carry adequate liability insurance during the term of the Agreement.

You don't want to be stuck paying for damage that is caused by someone else's use of your roads. Get this Canada Access Agreement for Road Use template and protect your land.

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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016