Software Integration Licence | Canada


Allow another developer to integrate software you have developed into their product under this Software Integration Licence for Canada.

  • The developer grants a non-exclusive licence to a licensee so that the licensee can integrate the developer's software into a software package or product developed by the licensee, which will be distributed to resellers and end users.
  • Proprietary Rights. The licence also grants the licensee the right to use the developer's trade marks and other proprietary markings in connection with the software.
  • The licensee must ensure that every end user is bound by an End User Licence Agreement.
  • No Sale. The parties agree that the transaction between them is not a purchase, sale or lease of the licensed products.
  • The licensee must pay royalty fees and provide sales reports to the developer on a quarterly basis.
  • The form also contains independent contractor, confidentiality and export restriction clauses.
  • This is a Canadian legal document which can be used in most provinces and territories except Quebec, where a French language version may be required.
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Last Updated: 20-Jul-2018