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    Consultant Nondisclosure Agreement


    Do your outside consultants have access to your sensitive business information? Make it a requirement that they sign this Nondisclosure and Non-competition Agreement before they gain access.

    • The consultant agrees not to disclose or use any of the company's confidential information or trade secrets he/she has become privy to while providing consulting services.
    • Any breach of confidentiality by the consultant may cause the company irreparable harm for which damages are not a sufficient remedy.
    • The consultant has no proprietary rights in any of the company's confidential information and intellectual property.
    • The consultant promises not to compete with the business of the company during the term of the consulting contract, and for a specified period of time afterwards.
    • This is a generic legal form that does not contain specific references to the laws of any country or jurisdiction.
    • Keeping your business data confidential is vital to your company's continued success. Protect it by having all third party consultants sign the Nondisclosure and Non-competition Agreement.
    • You can download the form immediately after purchasing it. Available in MS Word format.
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    Last Updated: 06-May-2021
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