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    General Utility Easement


    Land developers, use this template to prepare a General Utility Easement, to give utility providers access to all the lots in a residential subdivision.

    • Each of the utility service providers is given a right-of-way to all of the lots in the development for the purpose of installation and ongoing access for maintenance and repair of utilities, including sewer, water, power, phone, cable, communications, and the like.
    • The Easement will be registered on the title to each of the lots and will run with the land, and will not be discharged when the properties are sold.
    • This is a generic real estate form, which is not specific to any country or region.
    • This General Utility Easement is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable.
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    Last Updated: 21-July-2019
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    Alberta Overland Drainage Easement and Restrictive Covenant


    Give a third party overland access to construct a water drainage facility with this Easement and Restrictive Covenant for bare land condominium projects.

    • The Easement is only for bare land projects, meaning that no buildings have been erected yet.
    • The third party is granted access to the land for the purpose of construction of a water drainage facility.
    • The Restrictive Covenant prohibits the placement of any structure, tree planting, or any other actions which would interfere with the efficient operation of, or access to, the drainage system.
    • Any person involved with the construction of the facility must perform in a good and workmanlike manner and cause as little damage or inconvenience to the unit owners as possible.
    • Each unit owner is responsible for maintaining and repairing that portion of the facility that is constructed or installed on their unit.

    The Overland Drainage Easement and Restrictive Covenant is an essential legal document for Alberta land developers who build condominium projects. Get your copy now.