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    Limited Edition Artwork Contract


    Prepare a contract to create a limited edition artwork for a distributor client with this downloadable easy-to-use template.

    • The artist will be the sole creator of, and will remain the owner of unencumbered title in the copyright to, the artwork.
    • The distributor will publish, promote and market the limited edition.
    • The artist will provide the client with certification as to the year of creation, the authorized number of signed / numbered and unsigned / unnumbered copies, and other relevant details with respect to the limited edition.
    • The artist reserves all reproduction rights. The client agrees to register the copyright within three months of publication.
    • The artist maintains artistic control over the limited edition.
    • The distributor will pay the costs of creating and promoting the limited edition.
    • The artist will receive a non-refundable advance.
    • The distributor will have exclusive right to sell the limited edition within the territory described.
    • Title to each copy remains with the artist until the artist has been paid in full, at which time title will transfer to the purchaser of the copy.
    • The distributor will bear the risk of loss or damage of each copy of the limited edition until it is delivered to the purchaser. The distributor is responsible for carrying adequate insurance coverage.
    • This template is available in MS Word format and is fully editable to meet your needs.
    • This is a generic legal contract which can be used almost anywhere.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 19-April-2024
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