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    Louisiana Residential Property Disclosure Form


    If you're selling a residential property in Louisiana, you must provide the purchaser with a completed Property Disclosure Document.

    • This form includes:
      • Property Disclosure Exemption Form which can be used for exempt transfers,
      • Property Disclosure Document, pursuant to LSA-R.S. 9:3196-3200.
    • The seller must disclose the required information about:
      • the land and all interests, rights, encroachments, etc. with respect to the land,
      • termites, wood-destroying insects and organisms,
      • structures on the land and any known structural issues, including past issues,
      • plumbing, water, gas and sewage,
      • electrical, heating and cooling, appliances,
      • flood, flood assistance and flood insurance,
      • all other relevant information regarding the property.
    • This is a free fill-in PDF form that can be filled in online.
    • Available directly from the Louisiana Real Estate Commission by clicking the Download link.
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    Last Updated: 27-July-2022
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