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    Notice to Rescind a Contract


    Did you sign a contract that you now want to cancel? Under certain circumstances you may be able to cancel (rescind) the contract within a certain number of days after signing it.

    • This free letter form of notice is a template that you can use to exercise your right of rescission under the consumer protection laws in effect in your state, province or territory.
    • The letter states that you are exercising your right to rescind the contract within the period allowable by law. Check the laws in your area to find out exactly what your rights are. Not all contracts can be rescinded.
    • If the contract specifies a "cooling-off" period, you must notify the seller within that cooling-off period, otherwise the contract is not rescindable.
    • If you have the right by law to cancel, then download the free notice form, fill it in, and send it to the supplier, contractor or seller within the required time period.
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    Last Updated: 26-August-2021
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