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    NSW Notice to Terminate Tenancy Agreement by Landlord / Agent


    Give notice to a tenant that their tenancy is terminated with this Notice to Terminate Tenancy Agreement form for New South Wales landlords and agents.

    • This Notice form can be used to end a tenancy in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 for a variety of reasons:
      • to end a fixed term tenancy,
      • to terminate a periodic tenancy without cause,
      • to end the tenancy upon the sale of the rental premises,
      • for non-payment of rent or other charges,
      • breach of agreement other than unpaid rent,
      • upon the death of the tenant, or
      • if the premises are destroyed or have become uninhabita le.
    • A Service of Notice form is included to record the details of how it was served on the tenant.
    • This is a free PDF form provided by the NSW Government.
    Download Type: Adobe PDF
    Last Updated: 15-November-2021
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