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    Office Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plan


    Is your company prepared for a crisis situation? Ensure that your business will weather a natural or man-made disaster with a Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plan.

    • The purpose of the Plan is to:
      • enable your company to respond appropriately and effectively in a crisis situation,
      • recover and reinstate critical business processes within a very short timeframe,
      • assign principal roles and responsibilities,
      • provide management, staff and contractors with remote access to work processes and keep them informed of the situation on an ongoing basis,
      • ensure that communications with clients, business partners, and vendors are maintained.
    • The plan is intended to be implemented in response to a situation where the company's employees are denied access to their normal business premises as a result of a fire, flood, explosion or other disaster, or in any situation where the location is effectively rendered inoperable, for example due to a prolonged loss of electrical power.
    • The Crisis Management Team will be made up of a number of key persons who will be responsible for ongoing evaluation of the situation, liaising with business allies, providing advice and guidance to staff, retaining control of the business, etc.
    • The Business Continuity Team will be responsible for:
      • information systems recovery,
      • administration and communications recovery,
      • human resources recovery,
      • risk management recovery,
      • business unit recovery,
      • activating third party recovery.
    • This in-depth template is available in MS Word format and is fully editable.
    • This Plan can be used anywhere.

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    Last Updated: 19-April-2024
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