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    Operations Procedures for Marine Vessel


    Prepare an Operations Procedures Manual for a marine vessel with this comprehensive 41-page template.

    • The template contains sections for a variety of procedures, including:
      • working on deck and aloft;
      • chipping and painting;
      • operating a forklift;
      • housekeeping matters;
      • pollution control;
      • safety guide for handling and storage of gas cylinders;
      • workshop guidelines;
      • handling of chemicals;
      • first aid kit requirements;
      • proper clothing and PPE;
      • electrical safety;
      • welding operations;
      • work boat and rescue boat operations;
      • emergency repairs;
      • transit and mooring procedures;
      • fuel transfers;
      • boat-to-boat transfers;
      • crane operations.
    • The template document is available in MS Word format.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 11-August-2022
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