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    Receipt and Release by Beneficiary of Estate


    Estate executors, when you distribute property to the beneficiaries as set out in the Will of the deceased, have each of them sign this Receipt and Release form.

    In signing the Receipt and Release form, the beneficiary:

    • acknowledges receipt of the property,
    • releases the executor from any liability in connection with the beneficiary's interest in the estate, and
    • indemnifies the executor against any claims with respect to the distribution.

    Make sure the estate paperwork is complete. Download the Receipt and Release by Beneficiary template and complete it each time you make a distribution of estate assets to a beneficiary.

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    Last Updated: 13-December-2020
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    Assignment of Interest in Estate | Canada


    Prepare an Assignment of Interest in Estate with this template form for executors, beneficiaries and testators in Canada.

    • The assignment is made by a beneficiary who is receiving, or expecting to receive in future, a gift of property from the estate of a family member.
    • The beneficiary assigns to a third party all or part of the bequest left to him/her in the deceased's Will.
    • This form contains language for both living and deceased testators, so it can be used to assign actual or anticipated future bequests.

    As an executor, you may find yourself asked to pay out a bequest to a bank or creditor. When that happens, use this Canada Assignment of Interest in Estate form.

    Executor Fee Agreement


    Duties of an Executor