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    Recording Contract


    Record producers can write up Recording Contracts for musical artists with this downloadable template which can be used in the United States and Canada.

    • The contract sets out the terms agreed to by the parties for the production and distribution of a master to be recorded by the artist.
    • All expenses will be paid by the record company and reimbursed from gross income from sales of the record.
    • Both parties share artistic control for the recording.
    • The record company will provide session musicians as needed.
    • The artist assigns to the record company all of its right and title in the recording and the material recorded, with an option to purchase the rights back.
    • The artist agrees to actively promote the record through live appearances.

    Independent studios need the same kinds of contracts that major labels have. Why pay huge legal fees when you can buy this Recording Contract template, download it and customize it to suit your needs?

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    Last Updated: 15-September-2021
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