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    Roofing Contract for Commercial Project


    Prepare a roofing contract for a commercial business customer with this fully editable template Roofing Contract template.

    • Contract Price.Payment of the contract price will be made in progress payments. All payments must be made to the contractor, and not to any subcontractors.
    • Change Orders. A signed change order is required for any changes to the contract specifications.
    • Customer's Obligations. The customer is responsible for providing essential services, moving furniture, equipment and other items which block the contractor's access, providing storage areas for the contractor's materials and equipment, and obtaining any necessary permissions from adjacent properties for access by workmen.
    • Cleanup. The roofing contractor is responsible for cleanup and removal of surplus materials after completion, and will notify the customer of any dry rot or other damage discovered during the course of the work.
    • Warranty. The roofing contractor provides a limited warranty of the workmanship.

    This Commercial Roofing Contract template is available as a Microsoft Word document which can be easily customized to fit your business needs.

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    Last Updated: 15-February-2021
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