Victoria Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment)


Residents of the State of Victoria can use this downloadable template to prepare Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment).

  • An Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment) allows you to choose someone to make decisions for you regarding your medical treatment, if you become unable to do so for yourself.
  • This form of power of attorney CANNOT be used to appoint someone to make financial or lifestyle decisions for you.
  • Unlike a General Power of Attorney, the Enduring Power of Attorney only becomes effective if you were to lose legal capacity, perhaps through illness or injury, in which case you will likely need medical treatment which requires consent. If you cannot give that consent yourself, the person you appoint as your attorney can make the decision whether to consent to or refuse the treatment.
  • The package contains instructions on how to complete and execute the power of attorney.
  • It also includes a Revocation of Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment), in case you want to revoke the document at some point.
This Victoria Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment) with Revocation Form is a downloadable and fully editable MS Word document.
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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016