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    Volunteer Agreement


    Bring on volunteers to work with your organization under the provisions of this Volunteer Agreement form.

    • The organization will train the volunteer on the organization's role, procedures, policies and how to use the computers and other equipment.
    • The volunteer acknowledges that he or she is not an employee and is not entitled to salary, benefits, medical insurance or other employee compensation.
    • The organization will reimburse the volunteer for any expenses directly incurred in connection with the performance of his/her duties (transportation, daycare, etc) .
    • The volunteer releases the organization from any liability and indemnifies the organization against any claims or costs arising out of the volunteer's performance of duties, including claims for personal injury or property loss or damage.
    • Any organization that relies on volunteers should have a copy of this Volunteer Agreement. Buy and download your copy now.
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    Last Updated: 28-September-2017
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