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    Wind Farm Land Lease


    Lease rural land for a power utility to operate a wind energy conversion facility under the terms of this Wind Farm Land Lease.

    • Duration of Lease. The power company (lessee) will initially set up a test site to run a meteorological study for a certain period of time, and the initial lease term will cover the test site.
    • Building of Facility. Upon successful completion of the testing period, the lessee will construct a permanent wind farm to convert wind energy into consumable power. The locations of the facilities will be determined from the data collected during the testing period.
    • Rent. Annual rent will be calculated as a percentage of the lessee's actual annual gross sales from wind energy production.
    • Cost Sharing. The parties will share the cost of constructing any necessary access roads.
    • Restructions on Construction. The landowner will not construct or erect anything on the land that may negatively impact the output or efficiency of the wind farm.
    • Applicable Law. This is a generic legal agreement which does not contain country-specific language. There may be laws in effect in your area which will require alterations to this template.
    • This template is available in MS Word format and is fully customizable.
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    Last Updated: 14-June-2022
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