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    Alberta Overland Drainage Easement and Restrictive Covenant


    Give a third party overland access to construct a water drainage facility with this Easement and Restrictive Covenant for bare land condominium projects in Alberta.

    • The Easement is only for bare land projects, meaning that no buildings have been erected yet.
    • The third party is granted access to the land for the purpose of construction of a water drainage facility.
    • The Restrictive Covenant prohibits the placement of any structure, tree planting, or any other actions which would interfere with the efficient operation of, or access to, the drainage system.
    • Any person involved with the construction of the facility must perform in a good and workmanlike manner and cause as little damage or inconvenience to the unit owners as possible.
    • Each unit owner is responsible for maintaining and repairing that portion of the facility that is constructed or installed on their unit.
    • Intended for use only in the Province of Alberta, Canada.
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    Last Updated: 25-July-2021
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