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    Canada Voting Trust Agreement Pursuant to Take-over Bid


    Draw up a Voting Trust Agreement between a corporation, its shareholders and a trustee pursuant to a take-over bid with this downloadable template for Canadian companies.

    • The purpose of the Agreement is to deposit the voting shares of the corporation into trust in connection with a take-over bid to acquire the corporation.
    • The shares are being deposited subject to the terms of an escrow agreement and specific securities legislation requirements restricting the exercise of voting rights on the shares.
    • The shares will be held by the trustee and released only in accordance with the terms of the Voting Trust Agreement and the consent of the Stock Exchange on which the shares are traded.
    • The shareholders agree that while any of their securities remain in trust under the agreement, they will not exercise their voting rights with respect to the shares held in trust.

    The Canada Voting Trust Agreement Pursuant to Take-over Bid is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to meet your needs.

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    Last Updated: 04-April-2018
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