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    License Agreement for Video Game Rights


    Your film or TV series could be making you money in the lucrative gaming market. License the rights to a game developer with this License Agreement for Video Game Rights.

    • The game developer is granted the right to use elements, characters, settings, action, storylines, voices, music and/or artwork from a motion picture or television series in a gaming program.
    • The license being granted by the producers to the developer is non-exclusive.
    • The license is granted for specific territories (including worldwide, if applicable) and the developer's rights only extend to creating, selling and marketing the game products within the territory.
    • The producer reserves the right to market and sell similar products anywhere in the world.
    • Copyright to any object and source code created solely by the developer will be owned by the developer. If it was co-developed by the developer and the producer, then copyright will be owned jointly by the parties.
    • The developer may contract with third parties for additional artwork, provided that they are approved by the producer and that they sign a separate agreement with the producer.
    • All game products must meet a set of product quality standards and be approved by the producer.
    • If the developer uses a third party manufacturer to produce the products, the manufacturer must be approved by the producer and must agree not to manufacture or distribute products to any other game developer.

    Download the License Agreement for Video Game Rights and start earning licensing fees from your film project today.

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    Last Updated: 17-March-2021
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    Motion Picture Merchandising Agreement


    License the film merchandising rights to a distributor with this Motion Picture Merchandising Agreement template.

    • The distributor gets an exclusive license within the defined territory to manufacture, advertise, distribute and sell merchandise that incorporates names, characters, and events from the film
    • In return, the distributor will pay the film producer a guaranteed minimum compensation amount (a fixed amount paid as an advance against the percentage royalty), and a percentage royalty based on the current wholesale price of the licensed products.
    • The producer must approve all products, packaging, labels, advertising, display materials and copyright notices to be used in connection with the licensed products.
    • The distributor agrees to protect the producer's property rights and goodwill, and acknowledges that all goodwill and all rights to the materials created by the distributor are the exclusive property of the producer.
    • All licensed products must carry the producer's copyright and/or trademark notices (as applicable).
    • The distributor must carry standard product liability insurance and advertiser’s liability insurance during the term of the Agreement.
    • Upon termination of the Agreement, the distributor will have a 90-day period to dispose of all products already manufactured, so long as the Agreement was not terminated for cause.

    This Motion Picture Merchandising Agreement template is available as a MS Word download, which is fully editable and customizable to fit your needs.