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    Right of First Refusal Agreement to Acquire Shares


    Grant a right of first refusal to another shareholder with this Right of First Refusal Agreement to Acquire Shares template.

    • The Agreement grants one shareholder a first right of refusal to acquire shares owned by another shareholder ('granting shareholder').
    • The right is granted pursuant to the winding up of a third shareholder (a company solely owned by the granting shareholder) and the transfer of the third shareholder's share interest to the granting shareholder.
    • This is a generic legal form which is not specific to any country or region.
    • The Right of First Refusal Agreement to Acquire Shares is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your needs.
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    Last Updated: 04-May-2021
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    Shotgun Clauses and Owner Managers


    Should your company shareholder agreement include a shotgun clause? Learn more about these provisions from an owner-manager's perspective, with this introductory article entitled "Shotgun Clauses & Owner Managers".

    • A 'shotgun clause' or 'buy-sell clause' is a provision in the agreement that states if a shareholder wants out of the company, he/she can force the other shareholders to buy his/her shares.
    • This article discusses the benefits and pitfalls of shotgun clauses, and the situations in which they work best.
    • The author is an Ontario lawyer, with expertise in buy-sell agreements and other shareholder issues.
    Shotgun Clauses and Owner Managers is provided in PDF format and is copyrighted by the author.

    USA Shareholder Minutes of Annual Meeting


    Prepare the minutes from an annual meeting of the shareholders of a USA business corporation with this downloadable template.

    • The corporation's shareholders must meet each year to elect the directors for the coming year and conduct any other business that needs to be dealt with at the annual meeting.
    • You can use this template to prepare the standard form of minutes, and re-use the form each year.

    To get your copy of the annual meeting minutes, add the document to your shopping cart and check out using our secure transaction server. You'll be able to download immediately after your purchase.

    USA Proxy Forms for Shareholder Meetings


    Prepare Proxy Forms for meetings of the shareholders of a USA corporation with these two easy-to-use templates:

    1. Revocable Proxy, to be used by a voting shareholder to appoint a proxy to vote the shares on his / her behalf at all meetings that the shareholder is entitled to attend. The shareholder has the right to revoke the proxy at any time.
    2. Non-Revocable Proxy, which contains a termination date. The proxy is irrevocable until the date of termination. The shareholder's shares must carry a legend stating the existence of the proxy, and that all rights under the proxy will survive any transfer of the shares.

    Every business corporation in the United States can use these Proxy Forms for its shareholder meetings. Get your copy today.