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    Assignment of Judgment | Canada


    Assign the proceeds of a judgment obtained in a civil lawsuit with this downloadable Assignment form, for use in Canada only.

    • By filling out and executing the form, you can sign over to an assignee the amount of the judgment and any costs awarded to you.
    • You as the assignor (party making the assignment) must warrant that the judgment is still in full force and effect, and the amount remains unpaid.
    • This is a Canadian legal form.
    • To get the Assignment of Judgment form, add it to your cart and go through the secure checkout. You'll be able to download the form immediately.
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    Canada Franchise Agreement for Pizza Restaurant


    Franchise your business model for pizza and pasta restaurants to franchisees under the terms of this Franchise Agreement.

    • This template is for Canada and makes references to Canadian franchise laws.
    • The franchisee is granted exclusive rights to operate a franchise in the specified territory, using the trade marks and system developed by the franchisor or its subsidiaries.
    • The franchisor will develop the restaurant premises on a turnkey basis for the franchisee, at the franchisee's expense.
    • The Agreement contains provisions for both a turnkey and non-turnkey store opening.
    • The franchisor will offer a pre-opening training program to the franchisee's employees and will continue to provide supervisory assistance, arrangements with suppliers, on-site training, and other operating assistance on an ongoing basis.
    • The franchisor offers a group purchasing program to its franchisees which offers rebates and discounts on products and services, wherever available.
    • The template includes a Guarantee and a Restaurant Sublease Agreement as schedules to the main Agreement.

    This template franchise agreement was developed by a Canadian franchise consultant. Buy and download it for your franchisees.

    Canada Franchise Disclosure Document


    Canadian franchise laws require franchisors to provide potential franchisees with this Franchise Disclosure Document.

    The Disclosure Document discloses all relevant information about the franchisor and the franchise business as required by the Franchises Act (Alberta) and the Arthur Wishart Act (Ontario), including:
    • the franchisor's corporate structure and history,
    • the business experience of the principals of the franchisor,
    • any current or potential litigation involving the franchisor,
    • initial franchise fees and other fees to be paid by a franchisee,
    • financing, working capital, and estimates of annual operating costs,
    • restrictions on sources of products and services, and restrictions on what the franchisee may sell,
    • assistance and training programs offered by the franchisor,
    • government licenses, registrations and authorizations,
    • provisions for renewal, transfer and termination of the franchise,
    • financial statements and information,
    • addenda for province-specific requirements.

    Buy and download the Canada Franchise Disclosure Document, complete it and include it in your franchisee application package.