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    Online Contest Rules and Regulations | Canada


    Prepare a set of rules and regulations governing how online contests will be run with this easy-to-use template for Canadian websites.

    • The Rules will govern how all contests will be conducted and how winners will be chosen. There are specific options for both random draws and panel-judged contests.
    • There are sections detailing:
      • who is eligible to enter,
      • the process for entering,
      • reasons and procedure for invalidating entries,
      • contest prizes (value, substitutions, conditions attaching to prizes),
      • limitation of merchant and sponsors liability,
      • use of personal information,
      • ownership of intellectual property.
    • The prize winner is responsible for paying any taxes, fees or other costs associated with their winnings.
    • The Contest Rules and Regulations are governed by the laws of Canada.
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    Last Updated: 15-March-2022
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