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    Product Licence Agreement | Canada


    License the rights to assemble, sell and distribute your products across Canada under this Product Licence Agreement.

    • The parties to the Agreement are (i) the owner ⁄ inventor of the products and (ii) a distributor.
    • The licence extends to all subsequent modifications and improvements of the products.
    • The distributor will pay a fixed license fee and a continuing royalty calculated as a percentage of the gross sales price.
    • The distributor has the right to grant sub-licenses.
    • Products of the distributor and all sub-licensees must meet quality standards set by the inventor.
    • The Product Licence Agreement form can be used in all Canadian provinces and territories except Quebec, where a French language version may be required.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 10-February-2021
    SKU: 4070
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    • The franchisee is licensed to sell lines of consumer goods branded by the franchisor.
    • The guarantor guarantees performance of the franchisee's obligations and payment of all sums owing under the agreement.
    • Financial information to be provided by the franchisee.
    • Training and assistance to be provided by the franchisor.
    • The franchisee will purchase and sell only those products that are approved by the franchisor.
    • The franchisee is allowed to use the franchisor's trade marks only in connection with operating the retail outlet.
    • Confidentiality provisions.
    • Provisions for termination by either party.

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