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    Delivery Acceptance Certificate for Leased Equipment | USA


    Use this easy template to prepare a Delivery Acceptance Certificate for leased equipment.

    • The lessee will sign and provide the Certificate to the leasing company once the equipment has been delivered, installed and tested.
    • The lessee certifies that the leased equipment has been installed and tested, and is operational and suitable for the lessee's purposes.
    • The lessee reconfirms the representations and warranties given in the original lease agreement.
    • The lessee also confirms that it has put the required insurance coverage in place.
    • The lessee instructs that payments under the lease will now commence.
    • The Certificate of Installation form is provided as a downloadable MS Word template that is easy to customize.
    • Re-use the form as often as required.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 19-October-2018
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