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    Disc Jockey (DJ) Services Contract


    Prepare a DJ Services Contract to supply musical entertainment for a client event with this easy-to-use downloadable template.

    • The contract template contains clauses for specifying space, electrical and setup requirements for the DJ's equipment.
    • The client must ensure that the venue is open for the DJ to access the setup area prior to the event in order to assemble and test the sound system and equipment, and after the event for tear-down.
    • Outdoor venues must provide adequate shelter to protect the music equipment and the DJ against inclement weather. The DJ has the right to stop or cancel the performance if the weather poses a danger.
    • The client must ensure that the venue carries sufficient and appropriate insurance.
    • The DJ has the right to suspend or stop the performance in the event of circumstances which present a reasonable threat of injury, damage or loss to or by the DJ.
    • The contract form includes a seizure clause to protect the DJ from liability for injuries suffered from any persons experiencing seizures when exposed to the music system's lights.
    • The template also includes provisions covering (among other things):
      • music programming,
      • indemnification by the client,
      • cancellation by either party,
      • force majeure.
    • Available in MS Word format and fully customizable.
    • This is a generic contract which can be used almost anywhere.
    Last Updated: 12-March-2024
    SKU: 8831