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    Diversity Policy | Canada


    Prepare a Diversity Policy for your business with this customizable template for Canadian companies.

    • The policy statement sets out the company's commitment to establishing a corporate culture that promotes diversity and inclusion in recruitment, training, incentive programs, performance management, product development, community involvement and all other aspects of the corporate operations.
    • The policy also specifies the company's specific objectives with respect to hiring and retaining high quality employees regardless of race, religious beliefs, ethnicity, cultural background, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental challenges, ancestry, or place of origin.
    • The steps the company will take to achieve the above objectives include:
      • modifying work schedules, providing flex time and work-from-home arrangements and removing barriers within the workspace to accommodate employees' special needs;
      • providing diversity and inclusion training to all employees and management;
      • hiring and retaining employees in key positions who represent the diversity of the community at large.
    • Although this Diversity Policy is intended for use in Canada, it can be easily modified to use in any country by replacing the specific references to Canadian laws and regulations.
    • Download the form immediately after purchase. Available as a MS Word template.
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    Last Updated: 12-June-2019
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