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    Lay-By Agreement | Australia and New Zealand


    Give your customers the option to purchase goods on instalment payments with this template Lay-By Agreement for Australia and New Zealand.

    • The customer can pay for the goods over time, and take possession when all payments have been made. This method of purchasing is also known as layaway.
    • The seller has the right to terminate the Agreement if the customer misses a payment, or if a payment cannot be processed due to some fault of the customer.
    • If the customer cancels, the seller will charge a cancellation fee to cover its reasonable costs, such as storage, depreciation, and administrative costs.
    • There is a 1-week grace period granted to the customer to decide whether to proceed with the purchase or cancel the Agreement.
    • This Agreement can be used in both Australia and New Zealand.

    Your customers will appreciate being able to make a purchase by instalments. Get the Lay-By Agreement for your credit department - easy to use, easy to customise for your business.

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    Last Updated: 11-February-2021
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    Layaway Agreement


    Give your customers the option to buy merchandise over time with this downloadable Layaway Agreement template.

    Strategic Partner Reseller Agreement


    Enter into an arrangement with a distributor to resell your products under this Strategic Partner Reseller Agreement.

    • The reseller is granted a non-exclusive non-transferable license to market and sell the products to clients within a specified territory.
    • The reseller is NOT granted the right to sub-license to other resellers or distributors.
    • The supplier has the right to enter into reseller agreements with other distributors within the territory which are not in direct competition with the reseller.
    • The reseller can either resell products directly to clients, or refer clients to the supplier.
    • The Agreement contains a mutual confidentiality and non-disclosure clause.

    The Strategic Partner Reseller Agreement is a downloadable MS word document and is fully editable to meet your needs.

    Deferred Payment Agreement


    Your best customers deserve special treatment. This Deferred Payment Agreement is a great way to show how much you trust them and value their business.

    • The supplier agrees to supply inventory to the customer on a regular schedule and to defer payment on the terms set out in the contract.
    • Payment will be made in arrears and the customer will be invoiced weekly.
    • Regular shipments will be estimated and determined based on the customer's recent ordering history.
    • The supplier retains ownership of the goods shipped until full payment is made. Both parties will carry insurance on the goods.
    • The supplier has the right to do a physical inventory on the customer's premises each year.

    You can customize the Deferred Payment Agreement to your exact needs. This is a generic digital template which can be used anywhere.