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    Ontario PREC Remuneration Agreement


    Ontario realtors, take advantage of corporate tax rates on the commissions you earn by setting up a personal real estate corporation (PREC) and running your revenues through it.

    This Remuneration Agreement between the realtor, the PREC and the realtor’s brokerage establishes the relationship between the parties and sets out how revenues earned by the realtor will be paid.

    • The realtor is engaged by the brokerage as a real estate salesperson and is the incorporator and shareholder of the PREC.
    • Remuneration earned by the realtor is paid by the brokerage to the PREC instead of directly to the realtor.
    • The Agreement does not create an employment, agency, partnership, joint venture or similar relationship between the brokerage and either of the other parties.
    • The PREC and the realtor are responsible for withholding and remitting all required taxes and EI and other contributions.
    • The PREC personnel are not eligible to participate in any benefit or compensation programs offered by the brokerage to its own employees.
    • The PREC does not carry on business as a real estate brokerage.
    • This document complies with the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.
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    Last Updated: 05-January-2021
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    Ontario FSBO Real Estate Purchase and Sale Contract


    Buy or sell a home in Ontario without a realtor with this For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Real Estate Purchase and Sale Contract.

    • This contract is only for use in transactions where neither party is using a realtor.
    • If HST is payable on the transaction, the purchaser will be responsible for paying it.
    • If the sale is not subject to HST, the vendor agrees to certify that there is no HST payable.
    • The vendor pays the costs of preparing the transfer documents. The purchaser pays for the preparation of the mortgage (if any).
    • This is not the OREA standard form of contract. OREA forms must be obtained from a member of the Ontario Real Estate Association.
    The Ontario FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Real Estate Purchase and Sale Contract is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable.