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    Ontario Sublease Agreement for Commercial Premises


    Sublet all or part of a business premises in Ontario to a subtenant with this Commercial Sublease Agreement.

    • The subtenant accepts the premises "as is".
    • The subtenant agrees to pay rent and a proportionate share of the additional rent to the original tenant, who then pays the landlord.
    • The subtenant must remove any leasehold improvements and must repair any damage at the end of the term.
    • The subtenant and original tenant will each pay half of any fees associated with the sublease.
    • The Sublease requires the consent of the landlord.
    • This Commercial Sublease Agreement template is intended for use in the Province of Ontario, Canada.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 28-January-2021
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    Canada Franchise Agreement for Educational Centre


    Sign up a new franchisee for an educational services franchise under this comprehensive template franchise agreement for Canada.

    • The franchise business offers educational services such as testing, tutoring, and curriculum support.
    • The franchisee is granted the right to use the franchisor's business marks and system in operating the educational services business.
    • The franchisee has the option to renew the term of the Franchise Agreement for up to three consecutive renewal terms.
    • The franchisor is responsible for providing training and assisting the franchisee in establishing the business. The training program is provided at no charge but the franchisee is responsible for paying for travel and accommodation.
    • In addition to the franchise fee, the franchisee will pay a continuing royalty, calculated as a percentage of gross revenues.
    • In order to use the franchisor's online management information system, the franchisee must also pay a monthly usage fee.

    The Canada Franchise Agreement for Educational Centre is a digital download in MS Word format that is fully customizable and re-usable.

    Canada Guarantee and Indemnification by Franchisee


    Bad things happen when a franchisee can't meet its obligations. That's why you need to get your franchisees to sign this Guarantee and Indemnification.

    • This is a Canadian legal form.
    • A principal of the franchisee company guarantees the franchisee's obligations and payment of all amounts payable under the Franchise Agreement.
    • The franchisee company indemnifies the franchisor against losses or claims arising as a result of any default on the part of the franchisee.
    • The franchisee also acknowledges and agrees to be bound by its covenants as set out in the Franchise Agreement.

    Requiring all franchisees to execute a Guarantee and Indemnification gives you legal recourse if a franchisee goes under or can't perform its obligations. You can download the form immediately after purchase.