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    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy


    Create a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy for your workplace with this easy downloadable template.

    • PPE includes such things as hearing protection, eye protection, work gloves, steel-toed work boots, fall protection, etc.
    • The company will determine what types of hazards may exist in the workplace setting and will allocate PPE to workers in each work area as required by the roles that they fill and the risks that they could potentially face.
    • The roles and responsibilities of all levels in the company, from senior management to employees, are detailed.
    • Training in the use, care and maintenance of PPE will be mandatory for all staff and any third party contractors who provide services in the workplace.
    • Retraining will take place whenever there is a change in employee roles or in workplace scenarios, new equipment, new processes, etc.
    • Available in MS Word format and fully customizable to fit the specific needs of your business.
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    Last Updated: 10-September-2022
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