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    Software Specifications Agreement


    Use this comprehensive Software Specifications Agreement template to set the terms and conditions for development of an integrated software package.

    • Software Development. The developer will develop integrated solutions software for a client for resale to its customers.
    • Functional Specifications. The parties will jointly prepare a set of functional specifications for the software. The developer is responsible for delivery of specifications within the time frames agreed upon.
    • Testing. The client will provide test data and acceptance tests. The client agrees to purchase the software and documentation if it passes the acceptance tests.
    • Acceptance. Once the client has accepted the detailed specifications, the developer will start coding and debugging, and developing the documentation.
    • Support. The developer agrees to provide ongoing support.
    • Governing Laws. This is a generic legal contract which does not contain references to the laws of any specific country. It can be easily modified for use in any jurisdiction.
    • How to Obtain the Form. After you purchase it you will be able to download the MS Word template.
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    Last Updated: 25-April-2018
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