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    Real Estate General Partnership Agreement | USA


    Set up a general partnership for buying, developing and leasing real estate properties with this USA Real Estate General Partnership Agreement template.

    • Cash flow of the partnership will be distributed among the partners in the same proportion as profits and losses are allocated.
    • If the income produced by the partnership properties is not sufficient to pay operating costs, the partners will contribute additional funds in proportion to their capital interests.
    • If a partner fails to make his/her contribution, the other partners may contribute additional funds, which may be treated either as additional capital or as a loan to the defaulting partner.
    • A partner may transfer all or part of his interest to or for the benefit of a spouse or descendant(s).
    • If a partner wants to transfer all or part of his interest to someone other than a family member, the other partners have a first right of refusal to purchase the interest.
    • The partnership can be terminated by a majority vote (based on interests). Upon termination the partnership assets will be sold and any net proceeds will be distributed to the partners in proportion to their capital interests.
    • The USA Real Estate General Partnership Agreement template is available as a downloadable Microsoft Word file, which is fully customizable to meet your needs.
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    Last Updated: 31-March-2021
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    USA Limited Partnership Agreement


    Set up a USA limited partnership between a general partner and several limited partners with this Limited Partnership Agreement template.

    • The General Partner will not be required to contribute any cash to the capital of the Partnership. The Limited Partners must each purchase a minimum number of units.
    • The limited partners are not liable for the debts or liabilities of the Partnership and are not required to make additional capital contributions.
    • The liability exposure of the limited partners is limited to the amount of the subscription paid by each of them for their partnership units.
    • The General Partner has full authority in the management of the Partnership.
    • The agreement includes provisions for withdrawal of the General Partner and assignment of a partnership interest. The Partnership has a right of first refusal to purchase the withdrawing partner's units.
    This USA Limited Partnership Agreement template is provided in MS Word format, and is easy to download, edit with your specific details, and print.