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    LLC Operating Agreement for Real Estate | USA


    Set the terms by which an LLC will buy, develop and lease real estate property with this easy-to-use LLC Operating Agreement for Real Estate Developer.

    • This 11-page agreement template establishes the formation of a multi-member limited liability company in the United States for the purpose of purchasing, developing, operating, leasing and/or selling real estate properties.
    • The members are responsible for managing the business and affairs of the LLC and may appoint one or more managers to delegate that authority to.
    • Provisions for admitting new members and for existing members to transfer their interest.
    • Provisions for tax and accounting procedures. The LLC is treated as a partnership for U.S. federal tax purposes.
    • Provisions for dissolution of the LLC, liquidation and distribution of the assets on a pro rata basis after payment of the LLC's obligations.
    • This is a U.S. template which can be used in most states. Check with the Secretary of State in your area to find out what else is required.
    • An LLC can be a cost-effective and efficient structure for a real estate developer.
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    Last Updated: 24-January-2022
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    USA Declaration of Nominee Trust


    Keep your assets out of probate when you die with this USA Declaration of Nominee Trust.

    • A nominee trust is a trust created for the purpose of holding property on behalf of beneficiaries whose identities are kept secret.
    • The trustee's sole duty is to hold the trust property and pay over any trust income to the beneficiaries. The trustee has no power to deal with the property except as directed by the beneficiaries.
    • Unless terminated earlier by one or more beneficiaries, the trust will automatically terminate twenty years after its effective date.
    • The trust will not be administered by any court.
    • Any termination of the trust, amendments to the Trust Declaration, and any changes in trustees must be recorded in the county records.

    It's never to early to start your estate planning. Buy the USA Declaration of Nominee Trust and get started on yours now.

    Security Deposit Refund and Claim Statement


    Prepare a Security Deposit Refund and Claim Statement for Repairs and Cleaning with this easy-to-use template for outgoing tenants.

    This form sets out:
    • termination date of the tenancy,
    • amount of interest accrued on the deposit (if any),
    • itemized list of amounts deducted from the deposit and retained by the landlord, and what those deductions are for,
    • balance of the deposit being returned to the tenant, or, if applicable, the amount that the tenant still owes the landlord.
    This Security Deposit Refund and Claim Statement for Repairs and Cleaning is in MS Word format, and is easy to download, fill in and print.