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    LLC Operating Agreement for Real Estate | USA


    Set the terms by which an LLC will buy, develop and lease real estate property with this easy-to-use LLC Operating Agreement for Real Estate Developer.

    • This 11-page agreement template establishes the formation of a multi-member limited liability company in the United States for the purpose of purchasing, developing, operating, leasing and/or selling real estate properties.
    • The members are responsible for managing the business and affairs of the LLC and may appoint one or more managers to delegate that authority to.
    • Provisions for admitting new members and for existing members to transfer their interest.
    • Provisions for tax and accounting procedures. The LLC is treated as a partnership for U.S. federal tax purposes.
    • Provisions for dissolution of the LLC, liquidation and distribution of the assets on a pro rata basis after payment of the LLC's obligations.
    • This is a U.S. template which can be used in most states. Check with the Secretary of State in your area to find out what else is required.

    An LLC can be a cost-effective and efficient structure for a real estate developer. Buy and download the LLC Operating Agreement template to get started.

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