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    Royalty Agreement for Intellectual Property | Canada


    Set the terms for payment of royalties on intellectual property with this contract template for Canadian businesses.

    • This agreement covers royalties accruing on intellectual property that was developed by the seller, which is being transferred to a purchaser as part of a transfer of business assets.
    • The intellectual property will continue to be used by the purchaser in connection with the business operations, and royalties will continue to accrue.
    • The purchaser agrees to pay the seller an ongoing royalty for a specified number of years following the closing of the purchase and sale transaction.
    • The royalty will be calculated based on the customer base and non-exempted gross earnings of the business.
    • This Royalty Agreement refers to the laws of Canada. It can be used in any Canadian province or territory. A French language version may be required in Quebec.
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    Last Updated: 07-February-2022
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