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    Shareholder Meeting Proxy Form | Canada


    Prepare an Appointment of Proxy form for a meeting of the shareholders of a Canadian corporation with this easy-to-use template.

    • The proxy form should be filled out and returned to the corporate secretary by any shareholder who is unable to personally attend the meeting.
    • The person named in the proxy can act on behalf of the shareholder and vote the shares in the manner indicated in the proxy form.
    • This form can be used for annual general meetings and special meetings of the shareholders.
    • This template form is available in MS Word format.
    • The Appointment of Proxy form can be used in most Canadian provinces and territories.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 02-June-2021
    SKU: 299
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    Discover the legal and practical issues you need to consider when entering into a shareholder agreement with this Shareholder Agreement Checklist for Canadian companies.

    Topics in the Checklist include:
    • how to avoid misunderstandings between shareholders;
    • distribution of profits;
    • decision-making;
    • exit strategies;
    • employee shareholders;
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    • disability or death;
    • loss of shareholder control.
    This Canada Shareholder Agreement Checklist is available as a MS Word download.