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    Connecticut Condo Property Management Agreement


    Provide management services to condo corporations under the terms of this Connecticut Condominium Property Management Agreement.

    • The property manager will hire the necessary personnel and enter into contracts for the maintenance, upkeep and repair of the common elements of the condominium.
    • The manager will operate with the budget set down by the condo association. However, if emergency repairs are required, the manager will undertake them and charge the costs to the condo association.
    • The manager will keep a complete and accurate set of books and records, and provide a quarterly financial report to each of the association's directors. The manager will also arrange for the preparation of all tax returns to be filed by the association.
    • The manager will attend at all association meetings (up to a maximum number), and will prepare information packages for the regular annual meeting of the condo owners.
    Connecticut property managers can customize this template Condominium Property Management Agreement and re-use it over and over. You can download it immediately after purchase.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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