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    Georgia Deed to Secure Debt


    Georgia lenders can use this template Deed and Promissory Note to secure repayment of a debt from a borrower.

    • The Deed and Promissory Note are typically used as security for a mortgage loan in the State of Georgia.
    • The borrower conveys title to the property to the lender until the full amount of the indebtedness plus interest is paid in full.
    • Once the debt is paid, the lender will reconvey the property to the borrower.
    • The lender has the option to declare the whole amount due and payable if the borrower sells the property, or defaults under the loan.
    • The lender has the power to sell the property if the loan is not paid by the maturity date.
    • The downloadable file includes a Promissory Note.

    To get your copy, purchase and download the form. You can personalize it with the details of the borrower and print it for signing.

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    Last Updated: 04-May-2021
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