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    Texas Sublease Agreement (Residential)


    TX tenants, sublease the property you are renting with this Texas Sublease Agreement for residential rental properties.

    • Consent. The sublease requires the consent of the landlord.
    • Rent and Costs. The subtenant must pay the rent, the utilities and a damage deposit.
    • Upkeep. The subtenant must keep the premises in clean and good condition.
    • Assignment. The subtenant cannot assign the sublease without the consent of both the landlord and the original tenant.
    • The sublease includes a Premises Inspection Report and Inventory Checklist.
    • The template also includes a Co-Signer Agreement, to be used in the event that the subtenant is a minor (such as a student). This agreement would be signed by a parent or guardian, who guarantees to pay any amounts due if the tenant fails to pay.

    This Texas Sublease Agreement (Residential) is provided in MS Word format, and can be easily edited to fit your circumstances.

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    Last Updated: 05-January-2021
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