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    Tutoring Contract Between Agency and Client


    Tutoring agencies provide teachers to students who want extra help in their studies. This Tutoring Contract is between the agency and a student or the parent of a student.

    • The tutoring agency will provide a tutor who knows the material to be covered.
    • Fees are charged on a per-student basis. The contract contains alternate provisions for fees to be charged either by the hour or at a fixed rate.
    • Study materials must be purchased by the client.
    • Tutoring sessions will not be extended for students who arrive late. Rescheduling or cancellation of tutoring sessions must be arranged with the agency in advance.
    • If the student misses a maximum number of consecutive tutoring sessions, the contract will be terminated.
    • The agency makes no guarantees regarding the student's scholastic performance or achievements. The client indemnifies and holds the agency harmless for any unsatisfactory academic results.

    The Tutoring Contract Between Agency and Client template is a generic legal agreement which can be used anywhere.

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    Last Updated: 04-January-2021
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